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Where do you want to be by the time you’re 50? Or 60? In ten years ? Or twenty? Do you want the future to be exactly like your present situation? Do you want the future to be worse? Most people want to live well. Many of us want to live as well as possible. You wouldn’t be reading this article on this web site at this very moment in your life if you didn’t want more than survival. You want it all.

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As ownership of fine art approaches the pinnacle of high-net-worth aspiration worldwide and the luxury sector continues to aspire to the art-world engagement via collaborations between artists and designers, artist-designed edition launches and artist-curated events, this investment further cements the complimentary relationship between luxury and the art market and cements Paddle8’s unique position as a force in this growing phenomenon.

Sometimes I think that writing press releases like this one is art. (via felixsalmon)

The reason the Web took off is not because it was a magic idea, but because I persuaded everyone to use HTML and HTTP.

Tim Berners-Lee via Wired

Startup Scans In-Store Surveillance Footage to Analyze Shoppers' Preferences

Millions of security cameras capture constant video at businesses and retail locations throughout the U.S., but for the most part their footage is only useful if someone shoplifts and cops need to check it out. But there’s a wealth of data buried in that video, from customer density to crowd shopping preferences. A new startup can analyze surveillance video to help business owners see what their customers do, in the way websites can easily track online shoppers’ browsing habits.

Jeff Northrop: Salary Negotiations, Don't be Tough, be Honest


I read a blog post the other day about how to properly negotiate a salary. It received a lot attention on Hacker News and generated a heated discussion. Obviously this is important to many of us — me included.

However, I see things differently than Patrick. I’ve liked almost all of my bosses…

Will the real Guido Fawkes please stand up?

Boston police wants to subpoena some guy called Guido Fawkes. Rumor has it that he is most likely involved “in the leadership” of Anonymous. The sad irony doesn’t stop here. They also try to subpoena everyone using specific hashtags (#bostonpd and #d0xcak3). Apparently there is even no problem with that:

That would mean Twitter would be required to turn over the IP addresses and e-mail addresses of anyone who used the hashtag #BostonPD from December 12 to 14, a time period covering the widely followed eviction of Occupy Boston from Dewey park.

Krupp also sees a fishing expedition in the phrasing of “for the account or accounts associated with the following information”. That, he believes, could mean anyone that’s a follower of that account.

Fortunately they missed including a legal gag order and Twitter forwarded the request to the users. @p0isan0n posted his/hers on Scripd.

(Source: Wired)

Very few politicians get technology. Many actually seem proud that they don’t use the Internet or even email, like it’s some kind of badge of honor that they’ve kept their heads in the sand for so long. These are the same people who will vote on noxious legislation like SOPA, openly dismissing the concerns and facts presented by those who know the technology intimately. The best quote from the SOPA debates: “We’re operating on the Internet without any doctors or nurses on the room.” That is precisely correct.

The idea was that a bunch of us would get together and read through GEB in great detail over the course of a semester, stopping to actually work through the math, make computer programs that expand on the ones in the book, and (my favorite part) find and listen to the referenced Bach music.

Apparently sometimes there are even some great ideas coming out of Reddit which aren’t a 4c ripoff. Reading GEB is certainly a great one and I hope to keep pace with the readinglist. Just in case: MIT Open Courseware has also a range of video lectures dedicated to the book.



I made my team a helpful flow chart on how to contact me while I’m on vacation.


I made my team a helpful flow chart on how to contact me while I’m on vacation.

The Dilemma of Coaching Yourself


“This ability to tolerate, and even embrace, uncomfortableness may well be the “X factor” that underpins outstanding achievement. Self-control, grit, self-analysis… these are not comfortable qualities.”

Reminds me on Mintzberg’s Very interesting development that Coaching becomes now an offical part of Management Consulting - might even have some impact of the widespread framework-recycle approach.