Will the real Guido Fawkes please stand up?

Boston police wants to subpoena some guy called Guido Fawkes. Rumor has it that he is most likely involved “in the leadership” of Anonymous. The sad irony doesn’t stop here. They also try to subpoena everyone using specific hashtags (#bostonpd and #d0xcak3). Apparently there is even no problem with that:

That would mean Twitter would be required to turn over the IP addresses and e-mail addresses of anyone who used the hashtag #BostonPD from December 12 to 14, a time period covering the widely followed eviction of Occupy Boston from Dewey park.

Krupp also sees a fishing expedition in the phrasing of “for the account or accounts associated with the following information”. That, he believes, could mean anyone that’s a follower of that account.

Fortunately they missed including a legal gag order and Twitter forwarded the request to the users. @p0isan0n posted his/hers on Scripd.

(Source: Wired)

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