The reason the Web took off is not because it was a magic idea, but because I persuaded everyone to use HTML and HTTP.

Tim Berners-Lee via Wired

Just discovered Max Mckeown’s Tumblr via the Strategy as Practice Network. He is sharing very interesting thoughts on innovation and strategy - you should check it out.

One shiny day I got to get myself into posting longer segments too, but so far I try to keep at least some consistent output going…

#Innovation: Perez vs Thiel (#Optimism vs #Pessimism)


I just finished reading Peter Thiel’s “The End of the Future” in the National Review. Thiel’s argument is that underlying our economic difficulties is a more profound problem: a dramatic slow-down in innovation. His examples include the fact that we now find ourselves with travel slowing down not speeding up (Concord decommissioned and no successor in sight) and the apparent lack of progress on treating cancer (Thiel’s piece was published just before Steve Jobs’ death which provided a poignant reminder of just that).

World Policy Institute: Innovation Starvation


Fascinating article about the decline of innovation, the importance of science fiction, and how having too much information available (i.e. the internet) can prevent people from trying out their ideas.